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Bobby,I send a special prayer to you my bro and your buddies going over.May God protect you and bring you safely back home to your children and to the rest of us in the family.God bless you dear bro. Love sis

What is  Thanksgiving about?

To our family it is a time of giving thanks that we are fortunite to live in a country of freedom.We gather our loved ones together and celebrate the beginnings of the United States and the fellowship of all who live here in peace.Our founding fathers were driven to find a place where you are free to live without fears.We are blessed with a great country.We are thankful for America!

A country rich in Traditions (

A country rich in History (

The First Thanksgiving

We lay out old photo albums on an endtable or cardtable in a corner of the livingroom so everyone can remember what  you looked like or what you were doing several years ago.The clothes have changed thru time but the togetherness hasnt.

All the kids gather in my kitchen because I give simple pie makin lessons.Its not to early to teach the wee little ones how to cook.Even if you get storebought pies that have to be heated ,you can take the time to show them how you prepare the oven and so on.It is the time you give them thats important not the work its self.

It smells sooo good in here!Ladies I found a certain candle that walmart is selling right now called Hazelnut Cream from their mainstays home candle collection.Its not expensive and your whole house will smell like hazelnuts.Let me tell you its as good as those expensive candles in those expensive shops and less than half the cost.I will be using these for Thanksgiving and Christmas in my house this year.

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