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A special thank you to tripod for helping me with this site.

Listen to the oldies kids Christmas songs,from the chipmonks to roudolph at

Merry Christmas-Folks its that time of year when we take time from our busy schedules to remember and celebrate the birth of Christ.This is my favorite time of year.Our family wishes you and yours A Very Merry Christmas!

Cup of coffee

Set out the hot cocoa and cookies,lets check out Christmas stuff for fun!

Christmas Recipes

Christmas on the net

The Ultimate Christmas Site

Always Safe- is a site that has the words and music to all your kids holiday favorites like "I saw mommy kissing santa claus" and "Here comes santa claus"

Christmas candles and lights

Cross is a Christian site packed with beautiful free e-cards,graffics,lessons,and so on for the whole family.It is a Must stop during the holiday family surfing.

"Ideas" -use gift baskets this year,purchase twig baskets and fill with tissue paper then place in a few items according to the persons likes for example grandpa would love new socks and aftershave while your nephew would love trading cards,candy,and hotwheel cars.            -if you are not doing  baskets then consider makeing the wrapping paper.Purchase plain tissue paper and have your children color holiday pictures on them or purchase brown wrapping paper and old fashened twine and wrap your presents up the oldfashened way,you can even get crafty and tie on cin.sticks with pinecones as the topping to your gifts this year.

Red Boots for Christmas

Bethany Roberts-Christmas fun for kids

Lights-every year we decorate our yard with lights for the wee little ones in our community.By putting up Christmas lights we are shareing the spirit of Christmas with all our family and friends.It is our way of saying Merry Christmas to all of you who fill our days with kindness and joy thru the year.May God bless each and everyone of you and may you find the true meaning of Christmas in your heart.     God Bless You All! Merry Christmas from the Wininger Family in Bridgeport IL.,USA

Let the bells ring ,Let the heavens rejoice,
Ringing Bells
Let us all celebrate the birth of Christ!

Happy Holidays to all