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Homeschool Now


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On this page we will provide links to various resources that will educate, inform, or simply entertain.

Fun Links:

Ask Jeeves for help

Sports Fun

school express

Discovery School-great for kids and parents need to check into cable in the classroom schedules.

Resources for Christian Homeschooling-this site is great for kids-instead of buying the books,the kids can read directly off the internet for free,its packed with works by Mark Twain and so on.

Homeschooling Adventures on the Web!

Educational Topics:

Center for Education Reform

JumpStart World

National Geographic

Homeschool Social Register-Free to join

A to Z Homes Cool Homeschooling Website-jam packed with hundreds of free web sites for free lessons,advice,state to state laws concerning homeschools and so on.

Sites for teachers-remember homeschooling moms out there,you are now the teacher so check out the teachers sites

I havent e-mailed these yet for permission to link up to so here are some websites to jot down on paper for you to check out-  is free lessons from space travel to the history of the state you live in to free music lessons over the internet.Its a safe place for the family to learn    is a great place to learn about our nations capital and the first families that have lived there. on the lefthand side click on free charts for charts you can print yourself such as educational charts like maps,time ,money,report cards,chores,awards and so on.It will save you grownups alot of money in the long run to print these off yourself rather than buying them in a store.

Let us know about any interesting sites you enjoy! Just go to our contact page and e-mail us with any questions or ideas.We love to get e-mail