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Coffeebreak time!


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Start your coffee break visiting Ritah!

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Kidsafe ,you have got to see this site ladies!

We are stacking up on canned goods now and filling the freezer with as much frozen items as we can.Due to the drought in our area and that fact that a war with Iraq looks pretty certain,we have desided to be prepaired as much as possable this winter.Its a good idea to get extra batteries in case you need light in an emergency.Be Prepaired was my old girlscout motto and our family is applying it this year.We have been doing alot of purchaseing at our local Goodwill store.What we cant find used ,we purchase at dollar store or last on the line,walmart.

 is packed with do-it-yourself stuff for the house.You just have to surf to her website for a visit!


Get your coffee and sit a spell so you can surf over to The Christian Broatcasting Network Its a great way to start your day.

Ladies this is the time of year to be going to the yard sales.I look for kids video tapes,old used kids books,and other stuff that during the winter months can be presented from the closet as an added reward for them doing their homework or cleaning their room.

Free online Bible study for you!

Shopping Hints-(walmart )has a cin-soaked pinecone bundles for $3 a bundle found in the craft department.Purchase one and put it in a cheep basket to be placed in your home and the whole house smells devine.They also have twin and full size thermal blankets for under $5.They are great for the kids and for Christmas gifts for kids.(dollar store)has alot of off brand name medicines for $1-$2 dollars compared to other stores at $5 on up.I bought up the cold,cough,and fever medicines and the vapor rubs so my family will be ready for the cold season.Also you can find some luscious smelling candles at a reduced price.They even had the grundge $20 dollar candles from the fancy shops for under $5.Look around ladies.It pays to be frugal.

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Organized Home.Com :Tips and tools to get organized at home!

msmaward.gif has crafting ideas,home remadies and so on,all free(however I will not be held responsable if a home remadie goes wrong,you are using chemicals on some that can be dangerious if mixed wrong.)

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