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War with Iraq-Pray for our President and military leaders.A support of prayors can do wonders.We are so blessed to have a president who takes the bible to heart and works for the freedom of people here in the USA and for the rights of people in other countries.Please help lift up our President in prayor.


UNITED WE STAND!Our family is Proud to be an American Family.

While you are reading this,several men and women are putting their lives on the line in the name of freedom for you and I.Support the military.I am not talking about money but thru prayer and letters to soldiers.They have been sent on a mission to find and concor terrists at any cost.If they are doing it for you then what are you doing for them?Help them by spreading the word that enough is enough.We are united and no one has the right to come on American soil and kill Americans.We support our people who have gone to battle and we will teach our kids to respect our country and the flag which is the symbol of freedom.

Take the time and teach your child about your family roots.Our country is a melting pot of different backgrounds of people all united in one purpose to live in freedom.So dont loose the oppertunity to pass on what your forfathers have fought and even died for. Our Freedom.

Look for the good in others not how their outside appearence is seen by you.Keep in mind that they are evaluating you at the same time.For it is not the outside that matters,such as color of skin or age or whatever,but the inside that is important.