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Take your whole family and check out your local Goodwill store.Get everyone involved in the experience.Jeans,sw-shirts,sw-pants,blankets,coats,jackets,and so on can be bought for just a fraction of the price.You can line out your winter clothes for the whole family and walk out the door with money left over.Make it a family project and the kids learn a valueable lesson in the difference of what you want and what you really need.

Movie Night-alot of public librarys now have a free movie loan program.You check out a movie just like checking out a book.You are given 3 to 5 days to return it so it gives you pleanty of time.Stop by your local save-a-lot grocery store and purchase a bag of unpopped popcorn.Take it home,make the popcorn in a pan the oldfashioned way,make a pitcher of koolaid or a cup of hot cocoa ,pop in the free movie in the old vcr and have a movie night for your entire family.All types of movies are available includeing WaltDisney.You can even start a friday night movie night tradition.

Take a field trip- Contact your local police station ,firestation,or nursing home and ask if someone could set up a time for you to visit to learn about the building and the people in it.It doesnt cost anything and it is a good learning experience.

Family Safety Lesson-Now is a goodtime to sit the whole family down and come up with a plan for emergencies.You need a list of emergency numbers out in plain site by the phone.You need an emergency route out of your home for everyone to know in case of fire.You need a special meeting place set up for everyone to meet at incase of fire,flooding or other emergency events.We have desinated a place outside of our little rual town.In case of a disaster,we will gather or meet there.Its common sense to be prepaired.It could mean the survival of your family.Oh,I forgot,have a list of emergency supplies so who ever is in the house prior to a tornado or other disaster,can gather up what is needed before going to your meeting place.

Set up a day when the grownups in the house can take the kids for a ride around your town or city.Explain what types of businesses and places you can see.Show them where the hospital is,where walmart is,where some of your other family members live.Take them for a drink at McDonalds or even stop at a pop machine along the way.Spending time with them is great.

Dancing is one of our more popular activities.We have learned to turn on the radio and have dance time.Its fun for the kids to watch us old folks do the twist.I have to admit its fun but straining on ones old body.

Take your kids ,along with a note book and pen,to the stores on saturday.Make a day of it and tell the kids you want to know what stuff they would like for Christmas.Have them name 3 items from each store and let them know they might find one thing from the entire list under the tree on Christmas if they are good.After your done in the stores stop off at your local park and let them have a half hour of play.That makes a good day for them and gives you the ideas you need.It saves the last minute lines and some of the stuff might be on after summer sales right now.

Hi from steffy to all kids out there!

The training wheels just came off and now our child is riding her bike alot in our yard.She also has started roller skateing and spends time swinging from her rope swing dad put up in our backyard tree.All the neighbor kids get into the swing of things and sometimes so does dad and I.

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Family outings are fun for all.We go fishing.We go on family picnics and we also take country drives late in the day to put the little one to sleep every now and then.