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Homeschool Now

Hey kids,have you checked out the new show everyone has been talking about?Its "Liberty Kids" its on PBS during the daytime.You need to see for your self.You get to see for yourself how and why things happened in your countrys history.You will love the show.

Its springtime now and that means its have-fun-learning time at our house.You want to do an science project that would impress your mom?You will need to buy a white longstem carnation from a flowershop.Your mom and dad can help get supplies for you.Anyway,you need a carnation,a glass of water,and 2 drops of red food coloring.Put the food coloring in the water and place your carnation in the glass.The green stem goes in the water,dont put the flower upside down.Wait an hour or two and then check out the flower.You didnt know it would do that did you.Yep,even flowers need water to drink so when the water makes its way up the flower stem,the top of the flower,stop ,I dont want to spoil the suprise.You try it out yourself and see what happens.

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